Clone Exhaust Support Bracket

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Exhaust Support for the Honda Clone Racing Engine. This bracket supports the exhaust system for the Honda Clone, but can be utilized on a variety of engines depending on the intended application and fitment need.


The "T"-shape of the exhaust support bracket is designed to properly support the clone exhaust by extending from a mounting point near the head of the engine to a mid-point along the exhaust.

During operation of the engine, the torque on the engine and exhaust system means that having this additional support is crucial to prevent loosening of the exhaust system, which can create a loss of horsepower due to blow-by through the exhaust to cylinder head interface. Not good!

Each kit includes the t-shaped clone exhaust support, and a hose clamp to secure the top of the support to the exhaust. A flat blade screwdriver or 8mm socket can be used to tighten the hose clamp.