Hilliard Inferno Clutch Hub (Flame / Fire)

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Hilliard Inferno Clutch Hub. Ideal for the Flame or Fire clutch, common on the Briggs 206 Racing Engine. An integrated key in the hub holds the whole assembly on the engine crankshaft. The main purpose of this clutch hub is to hold the main clutch together, and is the core of the clutch!

This clutch hub is part #3 on the diagram (see photo gallery)

The Hilliard Inferno Clutch hub is the core of the Hilliard clutch, and stabilizes and coordinates clutch shoe movement during operation. Hardened from heat treatment, the hub features an integrated keyway to prevent rotation of the clutch on the crankshaft.
Ideal for the Inferno Fire and Flame clutches, this hub is composed of 3 key components:
  • The Hub Fixture
  • The safety / Dust Shield
  • The circlip affixing the dust shield and the hub fixture together.

 Ideal For: Hilliard inferno "Flame" and "Fire" clutches