Aluminum Tear-Off Post Kit for Race Helmet

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Aluminum tear off post kits by Kart Master. These tear off posts fit most racing helmets and help keep tear offs in place during use of your karting helmet. While tear offs aren't as popular in karting as they are in dirt racing applications, having a tear-off on your go kart helmet is a great way to remove dirt, dust, and debris from your helmet visor during a race or rapidly between events!

Tear off posts are designed to support the tear-off stack or system by securely holding theses thin plastic sheets in place across the visor surface. With milled aluminum posts and associated hardware, Kart Master's post kit is designed to last for many races of use.

What's in the Kit?

Each aluminum tear off post kit is composed of 4 components - (2) tear off posts in anodized aluminum colors and finish, as well as post anchor bolts, with M4 conical head screws, approximately M4 x 10mm finished in zinc plated chrome.

Available colors for the tear off posts include black. blue, red, gold, and purple.