Righetti Wheel Weights

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Adhesive Wheel Weights for racing go kart wheels, pack quantity. Manufactured by Righetti, these wheel weights adhere to the inside of aluminum or magnesium go kart rims and wheels to balance vibrations in the driveline, making for a better driving experience and reducing vibrations on the kart and driver. Each pack contains 25 wheel weights, each weighing 5.0 gram, as well as some strips of 10.0 gram weights.


If you have ever experienced vibrations in your drive line or through the steering wheel at medium to high speeds, you might need some wheel weights to balance your wheels!

Adhesive backing allows for placement of each individual wheel weight on the inside of a wheel rim. The weights come in a linked pack, but are easily separated with a little twisting motion - this also allows multiple weights to be linked together for more structural integrity at high speed revolutions.

      • Box contains (4) strips of 5 gram lead weights (each weighs 5 grams), and (4) strips of 10 gram lead weights (each weighs 10 grams).