Water Pump Rebuild Kit (Righetti System)

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Rebuild kit for go kart water pumps to cool TaG 2-cycle go kart engines. This kit has everything you need to completely overhaul your K514 Righetti water pump!


Over time, a water pump can take some serious abuse. Due to being driven by the rear axle as the kart is operated, the internals of the water pump can wear just as any other revolving component can on your kart. Primarily, internal gaskets and bearings can fatigue over time, and so can the belt-drive pulley for your water pump. Keep things in tip-top shape with this rebuild kit!

What's In the Kit?

The water pump rebuild kit is intended to fit the K514 or K698 water pumps, made by Righetti Ridolfi. These components may work for other water pumps, however (call us and we can go over technical details!).

Each kit includes:

  • (1) Rubber O-Ring band replacement for driving the pump (from axle)
  • (2) Water Pump bearings (to support the impeller internally)
  • (1) Impeller gasket / seal (these can fail over time due to heat and fatigue of hot coolant)

Each rebuild kit is sold separately.