Racing Kart Tire Tongs

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Go kart tire tongs and components for removing go kart tires from wheels. Ideally designed to assist in removal and installation of 5" diameter racing kart wheels from slick tires, regardless of overall rim width.


The dual-tong design of this removal tool allows for soft plastic grips to hold the bead of the tire in place during installation and removal. This gives additional leverage to the user, without damaging the rim or tire during mounting or dis-mounting.


  • 3-component design allows for easy and consistent use.
    • The main 'spreader' tong set is fixed around a central pin, which is hardened steel for added durability and service life.
    • A soft plastic 'cup' piece inserts into rim to center the tire tongs and axial pin, to aid in tire removal or installation.

Each tool set sold individually.

Ideal For: Mounting and dis-mounting tires fits all 5" diameter rims (regardless of rim width)