RLV Tire Bead Breaker

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Tried and true, this is the RLV Bead Breaker for go kart tires. We think this is the best basic kart tire bead breaker on the market today! Anodized gold finish, adjustable height, and an easy-to-use lever handle - what more could you want?


RLV's tire bead breaker comes with all the parts and components you need to break the bead on most kart tires of standard sizes. This is a crucial step in the tire change process, a common thing you'll have to do at the track most every weekend!

With several mounting heights on the main upright stanchion, putting the bead breaker together is super easy, and a cinch! The upright has positions for the bead breaker lever adjusts to heights to work with 4.5", 6", and 7.1" tires / rims.

Fully adjustable for wheel widths 5" to 8", and will even accommodate rims up to 10" in width! The gold finish is a nice touch as well.

Each bead breaker comes with a soft foam grip on the handle, making repeated use easy on the hands.

Each bead breaker is sold separately.

Ideal For: 5-8" kart rims