Throttle Cable Clamp (Two Plate Design)

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Throttle Cable Clamp, Steel Dual-Plate Design for racing go karts and kart engines. This is the most common type of throttle cable clamps in karting! Made from several plates of pre-stamped steel, held together by tensioning bolts, this clamp keeps the throttle cable tension in place to ensure proper operation of the throttle cable and throttle system on your go kart engine.
Each cable clamp is dye hardened for additional durability, and zinc-plated for rust resistance. The plates of this clamp are designed to mate together in a clamping fashion, with room for the throttle cable approaching and returning to fit between the plates.
Dual cinch-bolts M4 in size prevent fraying or loosening of the throttle cable once they are tightened with a 3mm allen key.

    Point Karting recommends using (2) of these clamps on many throttle cables to ensure the throttle cable doesn't slip! Our own aggressive throttle feet have been guilty of this a few times...

    Each clamp sold separately, as pictured.