Water Pump, Complete, for Go Kart

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Water pump for racing go kart engines such as IAME X30, Leopard, or various TaG go kart engines. This pump mounts directly to the chassis and utilizes a rubber belt driven off of the axle to power the pump. Knurled inlet and outlet fittings acommodate water hoses to tightly fit them and prevent slipping or loss of the cooling system.


The Righetti complete water pump for TaG engines features smoothed bead-sanded channels to promote even and smooth water flow throughout the pump. Each pump is driven by a belt connecting the pump to the rear axle of the kart. The pump is made from an aluminum casting and then milled in specific areas post-casting.

Typically, this pump will mount behind the seat to a mounting point on the kart chassis, where the tension of the pump belt can be adjusted to ensure proper fitment no matter the kart chassis or engine application. A metal impeller inside the housing is then driven to smoothly circulate water and coolant through the cooling system.

Each water pump is sold separately, as shown. Rebuild and refresh kits are available separately as well!