Go Kart Sprocket Guard - 8"

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Sprocket Guard for Go Karts, 8" Diameter. Made of aluminum, these guards are designed to keep the chain and sprocket together while you're racing - pretty important to finish the session and race! Each kit comes as (2) pieces of the guard, making it easy to install on inboard or outboard drive configurations. A total of (4) pieces are put together to make up a full sprocket guard.


The sprocket guard is designed to help keep the chain and sprocket together on the chain during aggressive driving, off-road excursions, or over rough tracks and curbs. The guards grab a way-ward chain and keep it on the sprocket should it get other ideas, and also prevent rocks and the track surface from striking the track surface.

This guard kit is 8" in diameter, which is designed to protect sprockets 53-64T in size, larger sprockets may require a larger diameter sprocket guard.

Note: The kit shown here is (2) pieces together. A total of (4) pieces are required to guard a sprocket completely - the kit is offered here in the configuration it is such that bent pieces can be replaced more economically.