Longacre AccuSet II Kart Scales (1,500 LB)

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Go kart scales by Longacre designed to assist with corner balancing and total weight of your racing go kart. This is a MUST for any serious kart racer, kart series, or racing shop! With a weight capacity of 1,500 lb, these scales will work well for small racing cars as well, such as quarter midgets, Legends Cars, and Micro Sprints.

Certified to specifications set forth by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), each scale is carefully calibrated by the technicians at Longacre to ensure accurate measurement and function. And, if your scales are ever wrong, you can send them back in to Longacre for re-calibration and certification free of charge!


With a simple-to-use interface and large digital display, this scale system is the perfect scale system for the amatuer racer or aspiring professional team. A variety of parameters can be read, including corner weight amounts, cross-weight, front / rear balance, and of course gross weight.

Each Longacre AccuSet II scale system comes with a complete set of scales for the 4 corners of your kart, wired connections, and the master scale display and logger box. Additionally, the scale system is enclosed in a padded and durable aluminum case.

Special Features

The AccuSet II now comes with a base line memory feature! This new feature allows you to store your base line setup and scale figures in the system's memory as you make adjustments, saving time writing figures down.

Additionally, each scale set now features:

  • Updated Hi-Flex connection cables with Billet Aluminum AN-type connectors
  • Slanted display face (making reading scales easier)
  • Satin-finished scales, only 2.5" high for low-profile applications!
  • A 2-year limited damage and malfunction warranty
  • Accurate to 0.1% by NIST standards.

Each system comes complete as pictured, with (4) satin-finished scales, and central console and connectors. The central unit can be powered by (2) 9-Volt batteries or utilize the included power cable.