Seat Struts (Flat Bar)

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Assorted metal seat struts by Righetti Ridolfi. These seat supports are ideal for adding grip to your go kart by attaching to the go kart frame and the rear of the seat! Available here in a variety of lengths and dimensions.
Seat struts are commonly used to 'tie' a kart seat to the bearing cassette to add more rear grip to the chassis. While this is often a great solution to low-grip track conditions or chassis handling issues, it can discourage inside wheel hike, which is a factor to consider when using struts.
Unlike their round-bar brethren, these flat-bar type seat struts are considered to be more flexible, and therefore easier to bend...but also easier to break if flexed too far.
Chrome metallic in finish, each strut can be bent around tabs to create more or less offset from the bearing cassette to the side of the seat (which is critical to get proper seat strut performance and fit).

Various strut lengths also assist with accommodating various chassis and strut uses.
Struts are available in various lengths: 240, 260, 280, 300, 320, 340, 360, 380, or 400mm. Typically, most kart seats will need something between a 280 and 360mm strut length.
Seat struts do not come with additional mounting hardware, and are sold by each. Most karts need at least (2) struts to properly set up the kart.