Kart Seat Padding Kit

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Seat pad kit for racing go kart seats. Soft padding kits for the side and back of the fiberglass seats for performance karts. Available as a kit of multiple pieces, or as separate pads. If you have rib pain while driving or require a slightly tighter fit in your seat, these pads kits are perfect! 

On almost all karts even the lowest-profile bolt kits will intrude into the side of the driver slightly. With the addition of weight bolts even the hardiest of drivers can experience periodic discomfort. A seat pad kit is a great way to prevent soreness or bruising after driving. 

Each pad fits onto the seat by using adjustable velcro strips that adhere to the pad and to the seat. Moving pads is fairly easy to do, even from seat to seat, by utilizing additional velcro stickers. 

Depending on your needs, a complete kit of side pads as well as rear pads is available. Or, order parts of this kit separately! A complete kit will include (4) side pieces and (1) rear pad. These are also available separately. 

NOTE: As of 03.15.2022 this seat pad kit no longer features 'side of hip' pads. The padding is included, but the contour for the 'rib' and the 'thigh' padding is the same. The contour shown for the 'rib' padding is what is included in these kits now.