Righetti Seat Mounting Jig

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Go Kart Seat Mounting Jig and Tool for installing racing kart seats. This tool makes it quick and easy to put your seat into the chassis the right way, every time!
Installing a seat into a kart is a major project for those that are new to it. Do it right with a seat tool, which provides a stabilized platform to help mounting the seat.
  • Seat Mounting Jig (Seat Mounting Tool) by Righetti Ridolfi and IKP.
    • This jig is ideal for helping to mount kart racing seats in chassis of various size.
    • One bar (the upper bar pictured) adjusts rests against your frame rails so the bottom of the seat has a support point for height adjustment. The other bar rests against the axle to allow angle adjustment.
  • Jig is composed of two components:
    • Under-seat support bar
    • Axle to the rear-of-seat bar.
  • Each jig component is chrome plated for durability, and features an adjustable width slider with clamping screw for a range of use.

Ideal For: Mounting kart seats within chassis