Seat Extension Bracket (Pair)

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Pair of seat extension brackets for racing go kart seats. Ideal for extending forward small seats for young drivers in cadet or full-size racing karts. This pair of extension brackets fastens to the primary seat support brackets, and utilizes the oblong shape to extend the seat further forward than is normally possible due to the dimensions of the seat.

The Kart Master seat extension brackets come in two sizes - one that is larger, and a smaller extension, that is a copy of the OTK seat extension brackets.

Overall Dimensions

Sold as a pair, each large bracket bracket utilizes (3) M8 holes in a tri-arm bracket. (2) arms of the bracket are slightly longer, extending the seat forward approximately 50.0mm. The main bracket is 30.0mm from the center of the tri-arm design.

Point Karting recommends utilizing the two 50.0mm arms to fasten to the seat, with the shorter arm attached to the main support bracket.