CKR Spindles & Components (8mm Kingpin, Non-Sniper)

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Steering Spindles, Kingpins, bearings, and spacers for CKR racing karts and 8mm Kingpins. These components fit a variety of racing karts including CRG, Zanardi, Maranello, and GP. 

All spindles are 17mm in stub axle diameter, and all utilize an 8mm king pin bolt - the king pin is the bolt that fits through the main spindle and associated components to tie the spindle to the kart chassis. 

A variety of spindle bearings, supporting vertical spacers, lateral spacers, washers, nuts, etc. are depicted here. It should be noted that many of the components here, particularly spindle eccentrics, are not designed to fit with karts that utilize the modern Sniper Castor / Camber adjuster system. 

Each component is sold separately.