Kart Racewear 3-Piece Seat Pad Set

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The 3-Piece Seat Padding set for racing go karts by Kart Racewear is a full-coverage seat padding option for sprint karts and oval karts. Ideally designed to fit the "Star" Fiberglass kart seat, this seat pad kit will conform to a multitude of kart seats.

The seat pad can improve driver/seat "fit", while adding comfort on long track days.

Each piece of the set is constructed of heavy duty canvas that is sewn in a 'smoking jacket' pattern, which provides durability. Each pad has a self-adhesive strip located on the back side of the pad to help it stick to the seat.

Each pad kit is sold separately, with (3) pads included per set:

  • (1) Rear seat pad (sticks to back of seat)
  • (2) Side of seat pads (sticks to rib / torso / leg area).

Special Note: We've seen this seat pad kit utilized in ultra-light aircraft applications as well! This seat pad kit has been the choice for customers previously to fit fiberglass seats intended for aerobatic planes.