Oversize 6mm Beadlocks

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Oversize 6mm Beadlock screws for racing go karts. Ideal if you have stripped your beadlock threads in a wheel. Simply drill out the hole, tap new threads, and re-insert the new bead lock, and you're set!

A stripped bead lock insert hole can happen fairly commonly, especially on expensive magnesium wheels. Rather than throwing them away, why not simply fix them relatively quickly with this replacement bead lock? It's a quick fix, and a quality bead lock.

Normal bead locks are M5 in thread size. These bead locks are one step larger, to assist in the drill, threading, and replacement process of stripped bead lock holes. As with normal bead locks, these bead locks feature a knurled grip head and an integrated O-ring to prevent leaks within the tire once installed.

Each bead lock is sold separately. Available in multiple colors as well!