Individual Yellow Kart Numbers

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Point Karting now has go kart numbers! high-quality adhesive, yellow background, in all the numbers you want! 

Each number is ideal for neatly labeling a go kart with numbers utilized for identification in competition, with easy-to-read, legible numbers. These numbers are SKUSA and USPKS compliant, as well as other series with stringent number compliance regulations. 

For most karts, a total of (4) locations require numbers on the kart. 


Each of these yellow numbers is ideal for clearly labeling your kart with a registered number. Depending on the bodywork or sticker kit on your particular go kart, the background you choose can vary. However, for most major karting events, yellow is considered to be the best option as it is clearly legible and easy to differentiate from other components on the kart's bodywork. 

While the font style and minute details of each number changes slightly from style to style, each sticker / backing is approximately 5" tall, by 2" wide. This makes these numbers ideal for fitting on most standard kart bodywork panels or number areas on sticker kits. 

Depending on the competition or series requirements, you may need to choose a single, double, or triple-digit number to denote your kart number, as well as category. As an example, in Rotax / Race Rotax events, the digit pre fix denotes the category as well as competitor number (i.e. the '1' in #135 denotes that the competitor is in the Mini Max category). 

Kart numbers are typically mounted on (4) areas on a kart:
  • Front driver's panel (nassau panel)
  • Side pods (left, right)
  • Rear Bumper (either on a number plate in plastic, or on bumper itself)
Choosing Your Number

For most competitors in kart races, a number may be requested from a sanctioning body or series. Please note that in the case of a letter pre-fix or denotation, this line of kart numbers may not be the right option for you, as there are not letter options presented here. 

Number choice should mean something - most people have a favorite number, or a family number, or perhaps it translates to something else (we've even had customers who utilized naval numerical code to translate to initials!), so feel free to get creative. Consider checking with your local kart series as well prior to reserving a kart number or placing an order. 

Each number sold individually. Point Karting recommends lightly cleaning any mounting surface before applying kart numbers, and take time to put them on straight!