Master Cylinder Dust Cover - Square Type

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Dust Cover for go kart brake master cylinders. One-piece design, simple installation, and available in multiple colors! These dust covers are an essential item to keep your master cylinder free from dust, large debris, or other contaminants that could compromise brake seals or internal mechanisms in the brake system.

Each dust cover comes with a series of baffles that prevents tearing of the dust cover as the slave arm actuates during brake operation. To install, remove brake rods from the primary lever arm on the master cylinder, slip this cover over the lever arm, and done! You are ready to race with a clean and protected brake system.

For single-master cylinder systems (most single-speed karts) only one (1) dust cover is required. For dual-master cylinder systems (shifter karts) multiple (2) dust covers may be required.

Each master cylinder dust cover is sold separately, and does not come with additional hardware.

Master Cylinder Dust Cover
Fits many single-piston master cylinders