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Go Kart Master Cylinder Dust Cover - rounded in shape. This dust cover is ideal for Righetti brake master cylinder models K225, KB030, but will fit many master cylinders on racing go karts! Manufactured from single-piece rubberized urethane, these dust covers prevent contaminants from entering the master cylinder which could damage brake system seals or mechanisms. 

Many dust covers on brake master cylinders will become damaged from exposure to track conditions or the sun over time and require replacement relatively regularly (say every 1-2 seasons).

Master Cylinder Dust Cover
Fits many single-piston master cylinders

Note: For single-piston master cylinder setups (most single-speed karts), only one (1) dust cover is required. For dual-piston master cylinder systems (shifter karts), two (2) dust covers will be required, each covering a respective master cylinder. 

To install the dust cover, remove brake rods or hardware from the slave arm, the main swing arm / piston arm on the master cylinder. Then, slip the dust cover up and over this arm, and you are done! The system is now protected. 

Each dust cover is sold separately, without any additional mounting hardware.