Kart Master Chassis Protection Kit

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Go kart frame protection kit by Kart Master. Ideal for protecting the underside of your go kart chassis from the track, curbs, and when you drive off the tra--who are we kidding, no one ever does that!

Made from a durable yet slick teflon material, these skid plates are a great addition to any chassis. Whether a brand new kart or a used one, you want to protect your investment. Karts ride low to the ground, they're bound to find the track surface some times. Be prepared when they do - prolonged wear on the bottom of the frame can lead to diminished value of the chassis, damage to key structural areas of the kart, and eventually, complete frame failure!

What's in the Kit?

Each skid plate is sold separately, but comes with all the mounting hardware necessary to make sure it is securely fastened to any kart, no matter the position. Each skid plate comes with the following:

  • (4) M5 conical head bolts, approximately 20mm in length. These thread upward into pre-drilled holes for the scrape guard.
  • (4) plastic spacers to help adjust the scrape guard at times where the frame sits below the floor tray significantly.
  • (4) metallic washers that fit on the bolts, M5 in size with zinc finish
  • (4) M5 nylock nuts to secure the skid plate

Each kit is sold separately, with all above included. Point Karting recommends (3) kits to be affixed to the chassis at a minimum - one at the front of the frame on the underside, and two on the waist area.