Hose Clamps - Hand Tightenable (10pk)

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Hand-tight-enable hose clamps for racing go kart air filters and clamps. Ideal for exhaust systems, air boxes, and air filters, as well as some fuel systems. These clamps are available in a variety of sizes with broad adjustment ranges. Integrated hand-turn handles make rapid adjustment possible.

Available Sizes

A variety of hose clamps are available here to suit different applications:

  • 40-63mm (1.5 - 2.45") - great for exhaust systems on Briggs 206, or small kart intake systems.
  • 52-76mm (2 - 2.99") - these clamps are slightly larger, and great for exhaust systems on Briggs 206, chassis fastenings, and 2-cycle intake systems and airbox clamps.
  • 65-89mm (2.55 - 3.05") - these clamps are juuust slightly larger than the previous clamp, and will fit quite a few airbox and intake systems for Rotax, ROK, etc. Also great for supporting the exhaust silencers for CR125.
  • 155 - 178mm (6.0-7") - these clamps are the largest diameter of clamps, and will fit over large airbox systems to hold airboxes or filters in place.

Each clamp here is sold as a pack of 10.