Go Kart Fuel Line

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Clear go kart fuel line, available in a variety of lengths and colors. Ideal for racing kart fuel systems, or for fuel catch cans, radiator overflow bottles, and preventing scratch-prone components such as tie-rods or brake / throttle cables!

Features and Details

  • Made from clear, flexible polyurethane-based plastic.
  • Caustic chemical and UV-ray resistant. This fuel line is resistant to excessive heat...but will melt on a hot exhaust!
  • Tubing dimensions: 1/4" Outer Diameter (OD) x 3/16" Inner Diameter (ID)
  • Available in clear, blue, green, fluo orange, red, or fluo yellow.

    Lengths Available

    • Available in 6.0' roll, or 50.0' roll of fuel line (that ought to last you a while!)

      • A 6' roll of fuel line is a common approximate length of fuel line that most karts require to plumb a basic fuel system (catch cans, main fuel line, in-tank plenum, and overflow bottles).
      • If, however, you have a high-flow fuel system or one that utilizes return lines, consider utilizing more than 6 ft!


    Point Karting recommends replacing your fuel line each season to prevent excessive hardening of fuel line components, which can crack around fittings or become pinched, frayed, or prone to air leaks!