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KG MK 20 Front Bumper and Nose for Racing Go Karts. This is the newest generation of aerodynamic bodywork from KG Karting for cadet and mini type karts to protect the driver and other karts from impacts during racing competition. 

The MK 20 front bumper is fluidly shaped and alleviates air pressure over the feet and lower portion of the driver's body, and reduces drag on the kart in coordination with the MK 20 bodywork system. 


Newly aerodynamically shaped and lightened over previous models, the MK 20 bumper and associated bodywork is ready to race for your mini or cadet size kart chassis. The MK 20 frontal profile of the bumper features a low-resistance profile while maintaining its primary function, which is to protect the driver and kart from frontal impacts. The overall width and profile of the MK 20 front bumper is raised compared to previous iterations of front bumpers for cadet / mini karts, but maintains the core strength necessary to keep racers safe. The front area is curved at the edges to promote air flow around the side pod, and also has 'fluted' or rounded ends near the edges of the main frontal area of the bumper to promote air flow around the driver and front nassau panel, reducing drag on the kart in the process. 

Each bumper is designed to mount to existing non-push back or push-back style brackets, meaning that the MK 20 bumper can be mounted to karts that utilize older generations of bodywork with the same mounting components a racer already may have on their kart. 

Each bumper is sold individually. Check with your local regulations regarding push-back or non-push-back bumper supports and their mandatory use.