Hilliard Inferno Flame Clutch (Without Sprocket)

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Hilliard Inferno Flame go kart clutch, usually for Briggs 206 racing engines. The Hilliard Flame is the most popular centrifugal clutch for the LO206 kart engine nationwide! Robust, reliable, and easy to tune, the Hilliard Flame is your go-to performance clutch option for your Briggs 206 engine.
The Hilliard Inferno Flame clutch is the tried-and-true option for racers nationwide utilizing the Briggs 206 engine package. With a simple central hub and spring design, the Hilliard flame utilizes multiple clutch shoes to provide friction against the clutch drum, engaging at various RPM values depending on tuning preference. The Flame is easy to tune and alter various parameters, including clutch shoe configuration, clutch spring thickness and responsiveness, and even adjusting the weight of the clutch shoes! For such a simple clutch, Hilliard sure has put a lot of adjust-ability into this component of your racing kart.
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What's in the Kit?
  • Parts #1-14 in Diagram (minus 15).
  • Kit includes: Parts #1-14 in Diagram (minus 15). This includes -
    • Clutch rear cover, central hub.
    • Hilliard Inferno Flame clutch drum.
    • (4) clutch shoes (Hilliard Flame, non-traction material).
    • (4) Clutch Springs (white)
    • (4) Clutch Springs (black)
    • Grease Guard cover
    • Retainer snap ring for driver sprocket.
    • Needle bearing, bearing bushing / race.
    • Clutch Assembly Retainer Washer.
    • (2) Clutch spacers (internal)
    • Clutch Backspace spacer (tapered, large).
    • Clutch retainer bolt, washer, lock washer.