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Ceramic low-drag kart axle bearings by Kart Master. Available for 50mm, 40mm, or 30mm kart axles. These bearings support the rear axle assembly of the kart, with integrated set screws gripping the axle tightly within the bearing. Ideal for go kart racers who want an on-track advantage and a low rolling-resistance ride. Each bearing features hardened steel roller bearings, and is engineered to provide a low-drag option for every kart hub and axle! 


Choosing the right bearings for your kart is a crucial decision to make. When you choose ceramic bearings over standard, you are choosing to minimize rolling resistance within the drive train of the kart. Imagine spending money and time on a nice engine, and running standard bearings! That's like having a tiny brake applied all throughout the kart - not good. For a relatively minimal cost, it's as close to 'free horsepower' as you're going to get!

The size and type of bearings utilized in karts can vary across manufacturers, as well as models of kart chassis. Because of this, Kart Master has a healthy variety of bearings available to suit your karting needs! 

Selecting the Right Bearing Size

Selecting the right size bearing for your kart is critical. Kart Master has several axle bearings available:

  • 30mm: These bearings are common in cadet karts as well as some Kid Kart chassis. The eccentricity diameter of these bearings is 62.0mm. 
  • 40mm: A less common application than a 30 or 50mm bearing, but the 40.0mm bearing is utilized in many "1010" kart chassis or full-size, 4-cycle specific karts. The eccentricity diameter on these bearings is also 80mm. 
  • 50mm: Common in most 'full-size' kart chassis. Naturally, these bearings will accept a 50.0mm OD axle. Kart Master manufactures their 50mm bearing to have an eccentricity diameter (curved outer diameter) of 80.0mm. Note that some karts and axle bearing cassettes (also known as flanges) utilize a 90mm OD bearing. 

Kart Master Ceramic vs. Standard Bearings

Kart Master's bearings are designed to a higher standard than generic bearings found in most karts from the factory. Each bearing is manufactured to have a C3-grade tolerance, which allows for thermal expansion as the bearing revolves, minimizing drag during operation.

Additionally, Kart Master's bearings feature a high-durability 52100 steel within the outer races - the industry standard of alloy for high-performance bearings. Rubber seals enhance the bearing's chances of minimizing dirt or dust intrusion into the bearing (compared to plastic seals on most bearings).

Kart Master also manufactures their bearings to P6 levels of precision, which ensures minimized runout or oscillation compared to common kart bearings. 

Each bearing is sold individually, with set screws included. Each Kart Master axle bearing utilizes (3) set screws to grip the axle. 

Note: As of 02/02/2021 each ceramic bearing will come with (1) set of replacement dust covers in case you want to service your bearings! Kart Master has decided to include these with their bearings.