Fuel and Oil Catch Can

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Plastic fuel and oil catch can and overflow bottle for racing go karts. Ideal for recovering fuel, oil, or water from fuel tanks, radiators, or oil drain systems on the go kart. These catch cans are mandatory for most racing go karts as recovery for the fuel tank, and for oil and radiator drainage to prevent spills on the track, or driver in event of an accident or leak from the fuel tank or engine system.

This kit includes a nifty zip tie that wraps around the catch can, and also has a bolt hole area in the loop of the tie to allow you to mount it directly to a bolt, which is a nice way to mount the can! Other ways of mounting the can of course include traditional zip tie lashings, or mounting within a specific catch can support.


The fuel and oil catch can by KG plastics is one of the most essential components a racer should have on their kart! Typically, catch cans are required for the following systems:

  • (1) catch can required for fluid overflow from fuel tank (usually mounted under fairing / nassau panel with line into fuel tank).
  • (1 or multiple) catch cans for gasoline, gear oil, or radiator drainage from engines.
    • For a Briggs 206: Catch can required for carburetor, and for valve cover drainage. Point Karting recommends (1) for each system independently, to prevent back-pressure build up.
    • For TaG-type karts: Catch cans are required by most racing series for the radiator vent overflow, as well as for the gear case in the case of engines that utilize gear oil or have an oil-filled gear case.

Each catch can is sold separately.