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If you're looking for tools to help you bleed the brakes on your go kart, look no further than TDC's go kart brake system tool. This is the perfect tool to utilize at the track to bleed the brakes on your racing go kart, and keep the master cylinder topped off with fluid during the whole process! Note that this tool is perfect for 'thread-in' reservoir cap master cylinders, that don't have a large reservoir. 

NOTE to order the full system, one must select that in the drop down menu! Make sure you order that instead of a replacement bottle unless requested! 


The TDC brake bleeder tool is an all-in-one tool for both the professional mechanic or the enthusiast karter. With a large plastic reservoir, a manually-actuated reservoir on-off valve, and threaded attachments to adapt the tool to various master cylinders, this tool really is made with quality in mind. Each piece is milled from aluminum for durability and lightness, with the fit and finish being paramount above all else. 

Delivered standard with an M10 thread attachment - found on OTK style karts such as Tony Kart, EOS, Exprit, or Kosmic, as well as IPK and Parolin-made karts like Formula K or Intrepid, the bleeder tool also has threaded adapters available for fitting systems and brake master cylinders that utilize the M6 thread - more commonly found on CRG, Righetti, DR Kart, or some CKR brake systems. 

Available Attachments

The TDC Brake Bleeder Tool comes standard with an M10 threaded attachment at the base. For those with a different style master cylinder fill cap, no worries! The TDC bleeder has an optional adapter that will fit M6 threaded fittings as well. 
If you've used and loved your brake bleeder tool by TDC, and need replacement parts, we've got those too! Adapters and replacement pieces are available in case something gets lost or damaged. Hey - we've all been there. 
  • Clear plastic reservoir bottle replacements are available on request.
  • M6 threaded adapter components also available (threads onto M10 fitting to adapt system to M6 brake calipers). 
  • Also available is an extender for the tool to raise the whole unit higher relative to the master cylinder - this tool has a female and male M10 threaded fitting, and raises the whole system by approximately 2.5", to help clear steering wheels or fuel tanks in certain kart applications. 
Each bleeder is sold as shown with the M10 fitting as standard. Note that the M6 fitting is also available for the bleeder, but is sold separately. Order your TDC Brake Bleeder with the right attachment to fit your needs!