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Complete Brake Bias Adjustment System for go karts, by Righetti Ridolfi. This system is the KB060 system, and adjusts the brake bias from front to rear under braking in performance racing go karts, usually equipped with front and rear brakes.


The KB060 system by Righetti is standard equipment on Righetti Gold, Extreme, and Righetti-equipped brake systems for KZ or shifter kart vehicles. By turning the adjustment knob, the bias of braking pressure from front to rear systems can be altered on dual-master-cylinder brake systems, allowing for fine-tuning of the braking and performance to suit driver preference and track conditions.

The system is combined of multiple clevis arms, and adjustment rail, and adjustment arm system. Together, these components work together to make adjustment of brake bias possible.

Each system is sold complete, as shown in the image. Additional clevis pins or attachments may be necessary for racers who need the entire front brake system.

KB060 - Brake bias system complete
Ideal For: Shifter karts (w/dual master cylinders)