M5 Adjuster Knob for Shifter Kart Front Brake Bias Systems

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M5 Brake Bias Adjuster Knob for Shifter Kart Front Brake Bias Systems, P/N KB060. Anodized in matte black, with an integrated knurled outer face, this adjuster knob is the perfect compliment to any Righetti brake bias system, or any adjuster that utilizes an M5 adjuster rail (most adjuster on shifter go karts use this thread).


The Adjuster knob on your brake bias adjuster system is the most important component! Without it, you can't adjust your brake bias, a crucial setting for maximizing braking performance for any shifter kart racer.

A complete bias adjuster knob, the Righetti KB060 is designed to thread onto the KB066 brake bias adjuster system primarily, but will fit just about any brake bias system that utilizes an adjuster slide rod of M5 x 1.0 thread.

The knob is sold complete, as pictured, with no additional mounting hardware. An M5 nylock nut is necessary to secure this knob in place upon installation to prevent it coming un-threaded during operation of the bias adjuster.

K468 - Brake bias adjuster knob - M5 thread
Ideal For Shifter karts (w/dual master cylinders)

KB060 - Brake bias systems complete
Ideal For Shifter karts (w/dual master cylinder)