Barrel Style Throttle Cable Clamps (10 Pack)

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Throttle Cable Clamps for go karts or small engines, "Barrel" style - pack of 10. This type of throttle cable clamp for racing kart throttle cables uses a set screw and large steel barrel to hold the throttle cable in place. For rental karts or performance karts that utilize a variety of control cables, these clamps are an excellent choice to utilize! This clamp is likely best used with thicker control cables - such as clutch or brake safety cables, rather than thinner throttle cables.


Ideal for the budget racer or for thicker control cables larger than 0.15" in diameter, the barrel style cable clamps each feature a steel-hardened clamping barrel, with a Philips-head screw for clamping onto cables. Chrome-finished for durability and style. Bottom each barrel component features a hex-head to aid in tightening the assembly.

Sold as a pack of 10 cable clamps, as pictured.