Aluminum Sprocket Carriers

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Go kart sprocket carriers by Kart Master. Aluminum sprocket carriers for 30mm, 40mm, and 50mm axles and various karting applications. Anodized in several colors including red, blue, gold, and silver. 


The sprocket carrier is an essential component to support the drive sprocket on the axle of racing go karts. Milled from aluminum, each sprocket carrier here is light weight, durable, and features dual cinch bolts for easy adjustment. All carriers shown here utilize an 8mm keyway slot for maximum grip on the axle - with exception of the 30mm sprocket carrier, which has a 6mm keyway slot as well as 8mm. 

Most sprockets utilize (6) mounting points to the carrier, although some #219 solid sprocket applications may only use 3. For most applications the Kart Master sprocket carrier is perfect, as all sprocket attachment points are milled precisely for even run out and a strong shoulder to attach the sprocket tightly to the carrier with support underneath the sprocket. 

Each sprocket carrier is sold as pictured, separately, with included M6 allen head bolts for the cinch bolt areas of the carrier. No additional mounting hardware is included. 

Choosing the Right Carrier

Depending on the kart and category, the axle diameter may change. As a result, it is important to select the correct sprocket carrier for your application:

30.0mm: These 30.0mm sprocket carriers are ideal for some Kid Kart applications, and almost all cadet / mini go karts. This sprocket carrier will fit perfectly on any 30mm axle, either for inboard drive or standard outboard drive. Note - if you have a Kid Kart that utilizes a 25.0mm axle, this carrier will not work! Please see our other options for 25mm sprocket carriers. 

40.0mm: 40.0mm sprocket carrier hubs are less common than 30 or 50, but are perfectly suited for many "4 cycle specific" go kart chassis that often utilize a 40mm axle. These hubs will fit perfectly on axles that feature a 40.0mm outer diameter, as the inner diameter of the sprocket carrier hub is 40.0mm. 

50.0mm: These sprocket carriers are perfect for most full-size kart chassis. From low horsepower to high-horsepower or shifter kart applications, most 50.0mm axles will be found in adult or full-size racing karts. These sprocket carriers will slip over axles with a 50.0mm outer diameter. Approximate weight of the Kart Master sprocket hub is 14.8 oz. 

Each sprocket carrier is sold separately, in a variety of colors.

Kart master 50mm sprocket carrier anodized gold
Kart master aluminum sprocket carrier anodized black, fits 50mm axles