Front Bumper (NA3)

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Front Bumper NA3 - New Age 3 - for DR Kart, CKR Kart, CRG, and more! This is the latest generation of bodywork with aerodynamic refinements from KG Karting for racing go karts. Most commonly this bumper is utilized on "CRG type" karts.


The NA3 bodywork is the latest homologation from the CIK / FIA for the "new age" bodywork type. For years, the NA2 bodywork was the standard - if you have a kart with an NA2 front bumper (pre 2018), don't worry! The NA3 front bumper will fit your kart just fine, even your sticker kit will fit just fine from NA2 to NA3.

Each bumper is available in black, and does not come with additional mounting hardware. To complete installation of this bumper on your kart, you will need the front bumper mounting kit, available here.