Freem Spidertouch II Gloves

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Freem Spidertouch II Kart Gloves. Ideal for providing outstanding grip and supple touch performance for you in your racing kart! Grab a pair of these Freem gloves, and you'll find every apex and nail every turn! Available in several colors, the Spidertouch II set of gloves is a must-have for the true karter.


Building on the success of Freem's first generation of Spidertouch gloves, the Spidertouch II further refines a unique balance of firm grip and supple glove feel. Freem has dedicated themselves to pursuing glove perfection for racers - making the gloves soft and pliable, but not losing grip performance or durability at the same time. Achieving this balance helps minimize hand fatigue, increasing your consistency over longer stints and races.

Freem hails their "FX" technology on the palm of the glove - a rubberized coating for gripping the wheel while also remaining a low-profile to minimizes interference with hand motion or feedback with the steering wheel. Seams have been removed from the edges of the glove to remove pressure points on your hands and increase durability of the gloves.

100% designed and tailored in Italy, each set of Spidertouch II gloves is a bespoke solution to your driving comfort to truly give you the best performance behind the wheel!


Finding the right size of glove for your hand is crucial to extracting all you can from yourself and from your Spidertouch II gloves! Check out our sizing guide below: