E-Track Kit (58")

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Kit of 2 E-Track rails for go kart trailers or pit accessories. Ideal for securing karts, tool boxes, or any cargo you can imagine! These silver-anodized E-track rails are perfect for your next trailer organization project.


E-Track is one of the most versatile tools that one can use to organize components, tools, or large objects. Utilized world wide in cargo trailers, enclosed trailers, or in just about any type of large storage application, E-Track rails and associated attachments are an adaptable, strong, and capable solution to rapidly organize and secure cargo that needs to be placed in tight spaces. The perfect solution for racing trailers!

At Point Karting, we love E-track. We use it in all our trailers or storage applications. In this kit, (2) strips of E-track are included, each at 58" long. E-track can be welded or mounted to any flat surface. The track works with ropes, bed nets or tie down straps.

This kit does not include additional fasteners to secure the E-track or any mounting accessories.