Drive Belts (8mm Pitch)

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  • Belt Drive System belts (8mm pitch) by Pfeifer Industries.
    • Ideal for belt drive systems on go karts.
    • Belts are 20mm in width, and sold in various lengths.
    • These belts are designed for 8mm pitch belt drive systems.
  • Various belt length options available:
    • 600 - 1200mm
    • Additional lengths between 288mm - 3280mm length are available upon special request to
  • Note: The 860mm is a special-order belt length, and delays may be involved in obtaining this belt.
    • For most cadet karts, a belt length of 880mm - 920mm is suggested.
      • Most cadet karts seem to perform well with an 880mm belt. OTK (Tony Kart, FA, Kosmic etc) perform well at times with a 920mm belt).
    • For most full-size chassis, a belt length of 980-1020mm is suggested.

    A Note on Belt Sizing

    If you are unclear on the correct size belt you have, you can try:

    • Example: Let's say you know you need a 8mm x 20mm belt like this, with 135 teeth on it. If you multiply 8mm pitch x 135 teeth, your belt length is 1,080mm. This is a great way to work with some information even if you don't have all you need.
    • Inversely, if you know the belt pitch and the length, you then know the amount of teeth on the belt!

    If you do not see a belt listed here at a length you need, give us a call. We can likely special order it for you!