DR Kart Neutral Spindle Bushing

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Standard spindle bushing for DR Racing Karts. This component allows the kart spindle and related components to be set at zero caster or camber settings on the spindle yolk. This spindle eccentric is neutral, meaning zero camber, caster built into the bushing. For track conditions where less front-traction is necessary, these are a great tuning option to have on hand - and they do come standard on many DR karts from the factory.


These spindle eccentrics are designed to fit into the spindle yolk or 'C' area of all DR Kart chassis. Whether a full-size chassis, or a Mini / Cadet or Kid Kart, this bushing is designed to accept both 8mm or 10mm king pins by utilizing the proper king pin bushing (semi-sphere component that sets into this larger bushing).

Each bushing is sold individually.