DR Tork IVS Kart Chassis (4-Stroke)

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Overview: DR Tork IVS

With a unique approach to chassis construction options, the DR Tork Kart Chassis is a modern answer to the 4-cycle karting market. Constructed of either 28mm or 30mm tubing throughout, the rigidity of the chassis is adjustable further by the inclusion of front and rear torsion bars, with varying material options. Designed specifically for lower-horsepower engines and applications, the 28mm frame is especially popular with drivers in North America. For heavier drivers or masters categories, the 30mm chassis is often a solid choice.

Often, racers experience that the Tork requires minimal tuning out of the box, with many taking victories with nearly stock set up settings! The Sniper SA1 adjustable camber/caster system allows for infinite camber and caster options on each spindle, making the Tork IVS both economical and adaptable to whatever tire, engine, and track condition is thrown at it.

The inclusion of a 40mm axle and innovative torque-tube element in the rear of the chassis further increases performance for low-horsepower racing engines. The right seat lateral seat support is curved and offset, allowing for maximum room for the drive train for inboard-drive options.

Chassis Technical Specifications:
  • Tubing Material: Chrome molybdenum steel, with 'crescent' welding inclusion technology by DR.
  • Tubing Diameter: 28mm or 30mm throughout (select option)
    • 28mm popular in junior or "Light" drivers.
    • 30mm popular with heavier drivers or "Master" categories
  • Axle Diameter: 40.0mm
  • Front Spindle Diameter: 25mm (10mm kingpin)
  • Number of Rear Bearings: 2 (as opposed to regular 3, for less chassis bind)
  • Brake Package: Vented, VEN11 (Steel rotor)
    • Braided brake lines standard for added durability.
  • Fuel System: Standard system, with quick-release tank option.
  • Torsion Bars: Included standard (front and rear)
  • Caster / Camber Adjustment: Sniper SA1 Infinite Adjustment System
  • Rims: All Magnesium as standard
    • Front: 5" diameter x 130mm width Front w/ beadlocks
    • Rear: Choose 5" diameter x 180mm or 210mm w/ bead locks
  • Bodywork: KG New Age / NA2, including KG Rear Bumper
  • Hubs: Aluminum Front and Rear, Anodized Black Finish
  • 2020 DR Kart Decal Set. Optional upgrade to Point Karting decals also available!
Selecting a Seat Size

The Tork is available with various size NEK or DR Factory Resin seats sizes, but is shipped standard with the factory resin seats. Additional NEK seat orders can be accommodated, upon request.

    • Standard seat sizing: 1 is smallest, 5 is largest.
    • NEK Seats (optional upgrade) - A1 is smallest, E1 is largest.

Each chassis is shipped from DR Kart North America at time of order. Typically, time frame from moment of order, to delivered at destination terminal is approximately 4 - 6 days. Depending on customer location, Point Karting.com will work with you to find the best freight vendor, shipping hub, and time frame to deliver your chassis.