DR Tork Chassis (Bare Frame) - 30mm

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DR Kart TORK Chassis, bare go kart frame, 30mm tubing. This frame is the evolution of the TORK IVS and RS5 chassis and brings DR Kart to the low and medium-horsepower market for go kart racing.

Kart frames do have a memory and life to them, so it is important to consider this each season. In the case of the TORK, the frame is a 'special order' item - this is not normally a frame sold in the US at this time.

The TORK (30) features 30mm tubing throughout, and has several 'carry over' items from previous TORK chassis versions - in particular with the diagonal 'torque' bar at the rear of the frame, which helps keep the kart flat and progressive as it transitions through a corner with a high-torque, low horsepower engine (such as the Briggs 206). The Tork 30 is well-suited for heavier drivers, or for medium-horsepower applications (like the KA 100).

Each frame is ordered directly from DR Kart North America, and can be freight shipped to you!

Note: A bare-frame is a fairly special order item. At times this can result in a delay for stocking in the USA. For inquiries regarding stocking availability, reach out to us at pointkarting@gmail.com