DR S97 Kart Chassis - Bare Frame (KF / TaG)

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Kart chassis for the DR S97 racing kart. This is a bare frame, meaning no additional components are added to the frame. Typically, a customer may want to order a replacement frame when theirs is worn, bent, or cracked in critical areas. Kart frames do have a memory and life to them, so it is important to consider this each season.


The S97 is one of the most popular chassis from DR Racing Kart, and utilizes 30mm chromed molybdenum steel tubing throughout. DR's revolutionary 'crescent' welding allows for pliable joints within the frame without compromising durability and reliability throughout the chassis.

Adjustable ride height settings in the front or rear of the S97 allow for the ultimate in tuning refinement, as well as torsion bars for the front and the rear of the frame. DR's implementation of the Sniper SA-1 caster/camber system makes fine-tuning your front-end geometry a snap and rapid when at the track, and the VEN 11 brake system provides aggressive stopping power.

In new S97 frame, a 180 or 192mm brake disc can be selected depending on the application, with 154mm slotted rotors applied for the rear.

Utilizing different axle flanges (bearing cassettes) you can adjust the wheel base of the kart to suit your liking.

Each frame is ordered directly from DR Kart North America, and can be freight shipped to you, the customer!

Once we see your order on the site, we will coordinate with you to find the best shipping quote and delivery option for you!