DR Mini-18 Chassis (Bare Frame) (Cadet)

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Kart chassis for the DR Mini-18 racing kart. Also available is the DR Mini -15 chassis, for the time being. This is a bare frame, meaning no additional components are added to the frame. Typically, a customer may want to order a replacement frame when theirs is worn, bent, or cracked in critical areas. Kart frames do have a memory and life to them, so it is important to consider this each season.

Each frame is ordered directly from DR Kart North America, and can be freight shipped to you, the customer! 

Note: The DR Mini-15 chassis is also known as the "DR-Hero" in some variations, and is the single-waist model shown in the second picture here. The Mini-20, and Mini 20 MK-14 models are coming soon as bare frames! Both Mini 20 models utilize the same frame.