DR Kart Bearing Cassette (Kid Kart & Mini Chassis)

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Bearing Cassette for DR Kart Kid Kart or Cadet Racing Go Karts. Ideal for the DR Kid Kart or DR Mini 18 chassis, but will fit CRG, GP, Zanardi, and a variety of other CRG-derived chassis.
Each cassette is precision milled and gold anodized to fit the chassis to perfection. Rolled flanges allow for bearing insertion into the bearing cassette, which is ideally utilized with the left bearing 'facing' the inside of the chassis, as well as the right bearing doing the same.
Each cassette will come with the required cinch bolt to hold the bearing tight within it. However, the bearing cassette will not include additional hardware, such as the bearing, or the hardware necessary to bolt the cassette to the frame (4 M8 x 25mm Bolts w/ washers).
Each cassette features (3) threaded M8 holes towards the top that allow for mounting of the chain guard mount support, or brake caliper support. Bearing cassettes are interchangeable, meaning they can be utilized on either side of the chassis with the same mounting orientation and function.
Cassettes are sold individually, and include a M5 Cinch bolt and flat washer. Bearings, mounting M8 Hardware bolts or washers are not included.