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The DR Mini-18 Kart chassis is DR Kart's answer to the cadet or 'mini' racing market. With a precise design, adjustable front and rear ride heights, and varieties of axle ductility, the Mini 20 also features the Sniper SA-1 Linear camber/caster system makes infinite adjustment of the front spindles easy.


The flexible waist area of the chassis allows for a controlled, progressive grip profile from the front to rear as the kart transitions into corners. Clients have found this chassis requires minimal adjustment from factory settings to turn into a front-running, podium-contending performer week-in, and week-out.

The Mini 20 utilizes a factory resin seat created by IMAF, but also takes well to the NEK Z2 modulate seat. Available in a variety of sizes, this NEK seat creates additional comfort for the driver, allowing the pilot to focus on driving first, without compromising posture or comfort.

With the updated VEN Mini DR braking system, the kart decelerates rapidly in sharp corners, but maintains a progressive pedal feel for more advanced drivers. New to the Mini 20 chassis is the implementation of the 25mm front spindles, making for a more responsive front end vs. the Mini 18 model.

Chassis Specifications

  • Frame Tubing diameter: 28.0mm, throughout
  • Wheelbase: 950mm (center to center)
  • Rear Track Width: 619mm at base setup.
  • Front Track Width: 585mm at base setup.
  • Standard Axle Diameter: 30mm (fits all 30mm axles).
  • Hydraulic Braking System (VEN 12 Mini)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.5 Liter
  • Upgraded Suede Steering Wheel (Curved Top)
  • Front & Rear Hubs: AMV Cast Magnesium 3-Spoke (hub mounted). Chassis can utilize Direct Spindle Mount (DSM) rims as well, but not standard in USA. Spindles for Mini -20 will adapt any 17mm front hub. Rear hubs are 30mm x 45mm standard, with other varieties available.
  • Includes engine mounting plate for 2-cycle engines (such as mini-swift, Mini-Rok).
Selecting a Seat Size

The Mini 20 is available with various size NEK or DR Factory Resin seats sizes, but is shipped standard with the factory resin seats. Additional NEK seat orders can be accommodated, upon request.

    • Standard seat sizing: XXS is smallest, size 1 is largest. Additional sizes are available upon request.
    • NEK Seats (optional upgrade) - A1 is smallest, E1 is largest.

Each chassis is shipped from DR Kart North America at time of order. Typically, time frame from moment of order, to delivered at destination terminal is approximately 4 - 6 days. Depending on customer location, Point Karting.com will work with you to find the best freight vendor, shipping hub, and time frame to deliver your chassis.

    Race Ready

    When we say race ready, we mean it! Here's what the kart comes with:

    • Odenthal 8-Degree Motor Mount
    • Briggs 206 Engine Kit, with Exhaust Kit, #35 Drive Train and Hilliard Clutch
    • Full Teflon Skid Plates
    • Alignment Prepared, Safety Tech Complete for racing (safety clips and tethers)
    Shipping & Seat Sizing


    The Mini 20 is available with the DR Factory Gold resin seat as standard. Additional IMAF seats are available on request, including the F6 Rombo Silver, or H7 models. For sizing of your seat, consult the seat sizing chart available here, or in the image gallery.

    Purely as a reference as you begin to measure your own dimensions, an average cadet-aged driver ages 10-12 will typically fit a XS seat, and 7-9 are usually looking at XS Cut Down seats.

    For shipping of the Mini 20 chassis, typically overland, LTL freight carrier is the ideal mode for timely and cost-effective kart shipments. Once ordered, typical shipment time is 5 days - 1.5 weeks depending on destination. Point Karting.com has found that shipping directly to your nearest central shipping hub for a carrier is best, as this eliminates additional costs to the buyer, and is more reliable than a commercial or private residential delivery. However, either option is something we can do upon coordination with you!

    VLR Sapphire Seat Sizing Chart

    Each chassis is sold separately.

    *Shipping within the lower 48 US is free. For expedited shipping or shipping outside the United States some fees may apply.