DR M99 Kart Chassis (KZ / Shifter)

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The DR M99 is the ultimate performer in the DR Racing Kart line up. Built with a fanatical devotion to precision and durability, the M99 is the ideal chassis for racers in KZ or shifter-kart applications. With fully adjustable options to adjust chassis rigidity, ride height front and rear, and a multitude of driver comfort amenities built into the kart, the M99 is one sweet ride.

The M99 is the top of the food chain for DR, and the results show it. Consistently, DR drivers have muscled the M99 to the front at regional, national, and international events, including the 2017 SKUSA Supernationals in the S1 category. A replacement to the venerable M92-15, the M99 is also available in KF / TaG configuration for high-horsepower engines such as a Rotax FR125, IAME Super X30, or ROK Senior / Master engine.

The M99 utilizes multiple frame tube diameters: the chassis utilizes 30mm main frame rails, and 32mm cross bars to provide optimum performance.

A wide array of front and rear torsion bars are available to place into the chassis, which makes fine-tuning the performance and driving feel of the kart a cinch for many racers. Additional adjustments to caster/camber, front and rear ride heights, hub width, etc. are easily achievable with the Sniper SA1 system.

Brakes: Steel or Ceramic?

With the steel braking option, you are selecting the standard brake rotor and package which performs exceptionally well in most applications. For chassis imported to the USA, all karts come standard with this steel rotor package, now in the VEN 11 variant. This package has been updated and refined over several iterations to continually offer more and more stopping power, while still maintaining the progressive, no-fade feel that drivers like.

With the Duralcan (Italian for "Ceramic") option, you are selecting the upgraded VEN 11 Ceramic rotors and brake pads. Together, these can handle any engine or horsepower application you can throw at them, making the kart stop on a dime, and giving you 9 cents change.

Chassis Specifications

Selecting a Seat Size

The M99 is available with various size NEK or DR Factory Resin seats sizes, but is shipped standard with the factory resin seats. Additional NEK seat orders can be accommodated, upon request.

    • Standard seat sizing: 1 is smallest, 5 is largest.
    • NEK Seats (optional upgrade) - A1 is smallest, E1 is largest.

Each chassis is shipped from DR Kart North America at time of order. Typically, time frame from moment of order, to delivered at destination terminal is approximately 4 - 6 days. Depending on customer location, Point Karting.com will work with you to find the best freight vendor, shipping hub, and time frame to deliver your chassis.