DR Kart 17mm Aluminum Front Hubs

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Aluminum 17mm Front Wheel Hubs for DR Kart. These hubs are perfect for DR Kart, CRG, CKR, and CRG-derived chassis that utilize a 17mm front spindle. Made from aluminum, the hubs found here utilize a the over-size 3/67 bolt pattern to fit DR Kart and CRG 3/67 front wheels. 

Now fairly rare, 17mm front spindle systems on full-size karts were the call for manufacture for DR Kart at the time these hubs were widely used on full-size chassis. Nowadays, 17mm front spindles are primarily found only on Kid Kart and Cadet / Mini chassis.

Designed to fit 17mm spindles, these hubs also feature a milled aluminum face for mounting the kart wheel, with a 3/67 bolt pattern. Note that this bolt pattern is fairly unique in karts, and is only found on select DR Kart, CRG, CKR, and CRG- Derived steering / wheel components worldwide. 

The hubs are available in medium (75mm) and long (95mm) lengths. Use a 75mm hub in low-grip or 'average' track conditions. The 95mm hubs are great for rain conditions or times when increased front grip is necessary. 

Note: This item can vary in available quantity in our warehouse, due to its unique application. Contact us prior to ordering if you want to check on availability!