DR Kart 30mm x 35mm Aluminum Hub

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Aluminum Rear Wheel Hub for DR Racing Go Karts, 30mm for Mini or Cadet Karts. Machined from billet aluminum, this hub is perfect for your DR Mini go kart, or any racing kart that utilizes a 30mm steel axle. The hub is 35mm in width and features an 8mm keyway slot.


The 30 x 35mm aluminum hub is standard equipment on DR Racing Kart's Mini 20, Mini 18, Hero, and Kid Kart models. Lightweight, precision machined, and anodized black with laser-etched DR logo, this hub is the perfect solution for your kart chassis!

Each hub also comes with a small M4 grub screw to tighten the hub down onto the keyway for additional grip against sliding of the hub laterally during cornering. A main M8 allen-head bolt also cinches the hub down onto the axle tightly.

Each hub comes complete as pictured, with grub screw, cinch bolt, and (3) M8 x 1.25 wheel studs inserted (3/58 European bolt pattern).