Plastic Floortray Foot Stop (DR Kart)

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Plastic foot rests and heel stop for racing go karts. This component mounts directly to the floor tray of your kart chassis, and prevents extension of the brake or throttle foot beyond the desired range. This also improves throttle and brake response and posture of your footwork! A simple device, but effective!


With a plastic injection-molded design, these floor tray mounted foot rests / heel stops are a simple yet straight forward solution to a consistent problem many racers face - moving their leg when operating the kart rather than rotating their feet at the ankles to operate the pedals. By giving the driver something to rest their heels on, this device promotes proper heel motion and foot work, which improves driver comfort and consistency. Reinforced cross-ribbing on the back side of the plastic stop prevents warping or bending of the stop despite the best efforts of even the heaviest of lead-foot drivers.

Each heel stop comes pre-drilled with mounting holes to assist in affixing this directly to the chassis. The bolt spacing and hole drilling is ideally designed for DR or CRG-derived chassis, but these foot stops will also work with just about any chassis that has a aluminum floor tray.

Each heel stop is sold separately. (2) are required to properly outfit your go kart with heel stops for the brake and throttle pedals, respectively.