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The IMAF DR factory gold resin seats are designed for performance racing go karts, and available in a variety of sizes. These seats are the standard factory seats for the DR Kart Chassis, but ideal for a variety of chassis!

The chassis features cross-weave fiberglass construction, which allows the seat to flex adequately, while still remaining structural integrity. A relatively 'standard' seat stiffness, the DR gold resin seat is similar in stiffness to a standard Tillett T11, and will work well with medium-high horsepower karts. Commonly found in CRG, GFC, Tibi, Zamardi, or CKR chassis.

Sizing Your Seat

The DR Gold resin seat is available in a variety of sizes: XS - 5

For more on seat sizing, see the seat sizing guides below, or in the photo gallery.

    • Please note that one chart denotes measurement in inches, and one denotes measurements in centimeters. For the metric seat chart, a comma in the number format (I.e. "##,##") denotes a decimal.

DR Kart Seat Size Chart Metric

DR Kart Seat Size Chart Inches

Each seat is sold separately.