Douglas Wheel Style Bead Lock

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Douglas wheel style beadlocks with o-rings for go kart wheels. Button-head design yields a low-profile beadlock that utilizes a 3mm allen key to tighten the bead lock against the kart wheel. These beadlocks are available in a variety of colors, anodized for durability and style.

Each beadlock is M4 in thread size, approx 10mm in length. A tapered edge helps to keep the o-ring central around the threaded shaft area of the beadlock to assist in forming an air-tight seal with the kart rim. 

This type of beadlock is very commonly found on Douglas Wheels or Swift kart wheels. 

These beadlocks are available in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Gold
  • Silver "Gunmetal"
  • Purple

Each beadlock is sold separately. 

Note: This style of beadlock has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Remaining stock is all we have left. If you're looking for anodized beadlocks look at the knurled style